bee medicine

Inside me are the remains of your sugar-coated wisdom...


I don't remember the first and exact moment I encountered honey. I close my eyes to remember how and when its sweet comfort touched my lips. My Cuban grandmother would give me spoonfuls of honey and lemon in the morning whenever I felt the beginnings of a cold (still my go-to remedy whenever something feels a bit off.) Honey is also the food of the Gods , it is given to the Yoruba saints whenever you ask something of them, apparently it is their favorite food, or so I've always heard.  Perhaps you have heard of the many medicinal properties of honey or observed the magical way in which it never expires , it can live in a  pantry for years and years patiently waiting for warm hands. I honor this oozy bee medicine and Im excited to get to know more and more.   I think of the busy bees , working hard to produce this gift, which we take from them, often without giving thanks in some way. Since I like to have honey around for medicinal purposes and for my skin masks, I like to buy from my local farmers market. I want to make sure it comes from bees which have been loved. I hope we can all come together and begin to recognize these small , yet incredibly significant insects.


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