Planting the Seeds


On the first new moon of 2018,  I planted seeds of the Mimosa Pudica plant.  I live in New York City and at times the much needed connection to the earth can be challenging to find. I found planting a seed to be the closest I've gotten to having my own little garden. One of my dreams is to have a garden next to the sea ... Honestly,  there are many moments when I feel so far from that vision and I ask myself how can I have these sweet dreams if I can't keep a plant alive past one season?or How do I allow it to manifest naturally without getting in my own way?  These thoughts crawl into moments , like a cat inside a bedroom, they may get in the way of enjoying a full embrace , the deliciousness of kissing, or the act of discovering. Of course, being patient with our own blossoming may take lifetimes...  As I continue to practice being truthful and open with myself. As I allow another into my heart of hearts. I hear the words of Yogi Bhajan saying "Where there is Love , there is no Question." As I allow the world to be as it is with its many perfect imperfections. This space is a space of contradictions, this space we call our minds. I feel spirit does not contract itself, it knows it all to be perfect and circular. Let's play with all these contradictions, these loops of time and space we may share over these words. Waves of the majestic , simple, pulsing life around us, whether in a pulsing city or in a dessert or in a jungle or sipping juice in a laundry mat. With a sincere conversation we can melt into forever. I invite faith into my guesthouse. I invite my veins to blossom along with these seeds and turn into roots. I invite this simple dream to live inside me in a simmering silence.  Perhaps truth and beauty hold hands with the same calm, kindled and measured fire of an older couple on their daily walk in the park, still in love.